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Eat / Drink: In the Kitchen and Entertaining


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Eat / Drink: Snacks and Starters


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Simple Inspirations

A Cat Named ScotchMAV
A Few Of My MorningsSCB
A New SketchbookMAV
A Pop of BlueSCB
A Small Beach In My FlatMAV
A Spring Walk In My NeighborhoodMAV
A Summer in Film PhotosMAV
A Tribute to FIELDMAV
A Touch Of AutumnMAV
A Very Good SummerSCB
A Week in PhotosMAV
A Week in PhotosSCB
A Year in Our HomeMAV
Another MAVMAV
Back To SchoolMAV
Best Part Of Doing My TaxesMAV
Bringing Flowers HomeSCB
Celebrating AutumnMAV
Celebrating Four Years of 3191 Miles ApartMAV
Celebrating Small MomentsMAV
Color Inspiration: Autumn 2010MAV
Coming Up RosySCB
Changes For the Autumn SeasonSCB
Creating My New CollectionSCB
Dark Chocolate + Blue TableMAV
Daydreaming About My New KitchenSCB
Evenings At HomeSCB
Finally SpringMAV
Finally SpringSCB
Flowers With A Best FriendMAV
Fresh Start for SpringSCB
Getting Through WinterMAV
Goodbye Summer, Hello SeptemberSCB
Goodbye WinterMAV
Happy Birthday SCBMAV
Happy New Year 2011MAV
Inspiring Books Of LateMAV
It Must Be AutumnMAV
January 2013 MeditationMAV
June PostcardMAV
June PostcardSCB
Kapla BlocksMAV
Laundry On The LineSCB
Letter To A Best FriendMAV
Looking Back/Forward To Warmer WeatherMAV
Looking UpMAV
Love The MessMAV
My Favorite DressMAV
My Favorite Studio SuppliesMAV
My Kids, Always InspiringSCB
My Little CornerSCB
My Summer So FarMAV
My Thoughts Letterpress-PrintedMAV
My Walk To WorkSCB
My Winter Palette, 2012MAV
NY Art Book Fair 2010MAV
NY Art Book Fair 2009MAV
Off Moments From My WeekSCB
One Year Ago, Early JuneMAV
Ounce, Dice, TriceSCB
Our Five-Year Anniversary HereMAV
Our Five-Year Anniversary HereSCB
Our One-Year Anniversary HereMAV
Our One-Year Anniversary HereSCB
Painting Class in MichiganMAV
Peek Into My Inspiration WallMAV
Ready for SummerSCB
Rebuilding My Inspiration WallMAV
Remembering One Year AgoMAV
Remembering SummerMAV
Remembering Summer 2012MAV
Simple Pleasures In Portland, MEMAV
Snapshots From My WorkshopSCB
Special Delivery From MAVSCB
Spring Around MeMAV
Spring Beach VisitMAV
Spring FeverSCB
Spring FlowersSCB
Summer Essentials & LynseyMAV
Summer Essentials IIMAV
Summer’s EndSCB
Sunday on FilmMAV
The Little ThingsMAV
This Week I’m In Love WithMAV
Water Balloon FightSCB
We All Have The SkyMAV
WEE OnesiesMAV
Welcome SummertimeMAV
Welcoming The New Year With Ease & CalmMAV
Welcome To The New 3191 Miles ApartMAV
Welcome To The New 3191 Miles ApartSCB
When I Am Among The TreesSCB
Winter GraysSCB


Portland, ME


Portland, OR




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