25 May 12 • MAV

You all know how we feel about outtakes here at 3191 Miles Apart. We love them!

Today we thought we’d share some of our 3191Q7 outtakes. It’s hard to believe that our issues have some 130+ photographs in them and we still have dozens and dozens of leftovers.

Above: A photograph I took in Portland, OR while getting coffee. I love concrete floors! Sidenote: I take a lot of photographs of feet and I get a lot of emails about these boots. They are nearly 4 years old now and in pretty bad shape. I’ve had them resoled two times and now I think I need to have the whole bottom heel rebuilt. They are Rachel Comey flat boots (which to my knowledge she’s not making anymore; all her boots have heels). I can’t bare with losing them. The grey leather is just getting good! If all goes well and I can find someone to help me with the bottoms you’ll be seeing them in photographs for some time to come.

Above: This photograph for the Deep Winter gallery was taken in our sunroom on a rare snow day. Yes. You read me correctly. We had very little snow this winter here in Maine. It was kind of strange. But when we did have snow things went as they usually do … big storm … big digout … big sun. I love Maine.

Above: I had set this photograph aside for our At Home feature but it didn’t make the final cut. When we were reworking a few things in our flat before we moved in, our amazing contractor and dear friend pointed us in the direction of a glass designer here in town. I had never picked out glass before in my life! It was one of the only things I stressed out about in our place. I had to pick out glass for this little bathroom window (seen here) and one in our big bathroom window. I wanted to stay true to the feel of our 1891 flat so I went for it and picked out old-school raised glass designs. So many people tell me they love this window. I always say, “I do too!”

Above: I brought two jars of these Maple Peanut Butter Cookies (recipe is in the issue) to some friends house for dinner recently. They told me they were the best they’d had. Score! I can’t get enough of them and they are so easy to whip up. My problem is eating too many … yikes.

Above: Oh Charlie. Another outtake from At Home. I just love how he covers his eyes. So sweet.

: : :

Below: Lastly, this is not necessarily an outtake, but rather something special for you guys. My creative team (special thanks to RTS & LSW) put together this fun little video on the day we photographed From His Closet (see outtakes from that Q7 piece here). The orange t-shirt and pink sweatshirt here belong to my sweetheart. I love to borrow them! And that is what From His Closet is all about … thrifting on the mens side of the thrift shop or borrowing from your sweetie’s closet. I love to add these pieces into my daily rotation especially when I need to spruce things up but don’t have the budget for anything new. And you know that feeling when you put on a nicely worked in t-shirt or sweatshirt. Sigh. So good. So without further adieu … From His Closet … our little video … enjoy!

Film: More & Co. (Ryan Thomas Shimala)
Model: LSW (Lynsey Waite)
Necklaces: Eva Duenas + Allyson Fox
Jeans: Mother from Bliss, Portland ME
Music: Harvest Moon (originally by Neil Young), Poolside

25 May 12 • SCB

With all the hoopla of my travel to Maine and releasing our Collections last week, I’m not sure I quite got to celebrate getting 3191 Quarterly Issue No. 7 out into the world. So, it’s fun to spend a little time looking at outtakes this week. I love this issue. It holds some great memories and experiences, and I am very happy to share it with you.

I have come to really love the recurring features At Home and our Deep look back at the past season. I shoot the photos for these sections on film when the mood strikes, and they feel really personal and spontaneous. I love the serendipity of how they pair with MAV’s photos as well.

When MAV visited earlier this spring, I was often cooking and making while she took the photos, but I did manage to snap this photo on film after we polished off brunch. You’ll find my recipe for the aebleskivers (Danish pancake balls) that once filled that plate in the issue.

I *heart* sandwiches. I share a few of my favorites in Issue No. 7. I call the one shown here “The Hippie”.

My daughter fell in love with San Francisco earlier this year. I share a little scrapbook of our visit in Q7. Here she is in my talented sister, Lisa Congdon‘s, amazing studio (many more photos of that inspiring space in the issue). Lucky girl, she is headed back for two weeks this summer to attend art camp and live the artist’s life with my sister and her partner.

Finally, I am pretty passionate about making stuff, and it is always fun to share simple projects with you. In 3191Q7, you’ll find instructions for making baskets from vines you can find in your own yard or neighborhood. I have these little baskets to hold found treasures all over my home.

I hope you enjoy the issue!

18 May 12 • MAV

So yeah, it’s the big launch day here at 3191 Miles Apart headquarters in Maine. Stephanie is here, Evan (our lovely creative assistant) is here and all week we have been preparing our shop for you!

Above you see our new 3191 Quarterly. We are on Issue No. 7 and still loving making books for you. This issue feels full of energy to me. The colors are so bright! I particularly like how you see Spring sitting next to Winter in the pages. It’s such a nice combination.

Over the years we have gotten requests for our diptych prints so we decided now was the time to pick a few of our favorites and offer them up in our 3191 Collection. We have one print from our Year of Mornings project + one from our Year of Evenings project + one from our newest Year of Sundays project. The prints themselves are very rich in color. We are super pleased with these guys.

And then there are our new Collections … so near and dear to our hearts. There’s Found + MAV + SCB.

Above you can see one of the indigo necklaces from SCB’s Collection. She asked me which one I wanted and I knew right away (even though I am really also very into her pinecones). I love this piece and plan to wear it more as a bracelet myself because it’s incredible to really be able to see all of those braided strands right there around your wrist. And I love the chunky section with those leather pieces sewn on. The leather feels so soft and the dyed yarn is gorgeous! I think I’ll keep my lipsticks in the bag the necklace came in as well.

Thanks for celebrating our big launch with us. We are humbled by your interest and support and we are fiercely proud to bring you our simple creations. Oh and don’t forget: this weekend our Q7 is just $24 if you use the code CHEERS upon check out. Sale runs through midnight EST on Monday, May 21, 2012.

18 May 12 • SCB

Phew! Busy week here at 3191 HQ. I am so glad I was able to travel the 3191 miles and be a part of it (I always have to go say hello to MAV’s famous blue table).

We are so excited to release 3191 Quarterly, Issue No. 7  today. In our latest offering, you can follow us on our travels, visit our homes, make baskets, and snack on our favorite sandwiches and maple-sweetened goodies.

Along with the release of 3191Q, we have added some vivid prints of our diptychs to the 3191 collection. You’ll find one from each of our “year of” projects—Mornings, Evenings, and Sundays.

Mailing list subscribers got the tip when our collections went live, and our Found Collection is moving quickly. MAV and I had so much fun with our amazing assistant Evan finding, researching and photographing these items. Hardest part was letting things go!

I’ve got my V. No. 2 on today, and I already consider it a wardrobe staple. I am wearing the size 2 tucked in with sleeves rolled a bit for Maine’s spring sunshine. Love it.

My Smock No. 1 is all queued up for tomorrow (I didn’t really need to pack much for this trip!). Every item in MAV’s collection is so incredibly thoughtful and such an accurate representation of her commitment to beautiful and well-made goods. It has been a real treat to see everything in person.

We have big smiles on our faces here and are so grateful to everyone, browsers and buyers alike, for visiting by3191. As an extra treat, Q7 is just $24 until Monday at midnight EST (use the discount code CHEERS at checkout).

11 May 12 • MAV

I thought I would follow Stephanie’s lead this week and give you a little peek into my Collection for our new by3191 shop. It’s a new direction for me, in some ways, but in some ways I’ve been thinking about it, and sketching it out, for ages.

For my Collection, called Beauty & Use, I decided I would work with my seamstress here in Maine to create a small offering of single edition women’s tops. Now I’m no fashion designer, mind you, but I am a woman who is constantly searching for good tops! I like natural fabrics that feel good (I’m not going to put acrylic or polyester on this real estate, no thank you!), I like generous fits but not so much that they are slopping all over the place, I like pieces that will take me through all seasons not just one, I like pieces I can layer up and strip down, I like comfort. Well, you see, I’m picky!

What you’ll find in my Collection are single edition pieces (meaning I only made a few in each fabric in each size but may offer the pieces again in future Collections in different fabrics) made of handwoven cotton, organic cotton and hemp. You’ll find raw edges and simple seams.

You’ll find smocks you can wear to lounge, outside to garden or out to dinner with friends. You’ll find that pop of color crop top you can layer over your chambray shirt, a printed tank or just wear on its own to show off your neck and your tummy. You’ll find that perfect medium-weight v-neck alongside a soft cropped natural cap-sleeve that looks like you might have just cut off the sleeves yourself.

And I guess that’s it. All of my pieces you could make yourself; there’s no rocket science here. I like that they look handmade because, well, they are. Each piece made with care here in Maine. Each piece referencing my personal mantra regarding clothing, which you’ve heard me say time and time again, quality over quantity and taking good care over being careless. It just feels right to me for my little Collection. It also feels right that there are only just a few of each because, as Stephanie and I have said many times, we don’t want to put more “stuff” out into the world. We want to share our loves and our visions, and in the case of our Collections, our creations, but we want the impact to be gentle … handmade and small … simple … beautiful & useful.

We are really gearing up here in the studio for next Friday (remember to sign up for our mailing list so you will be the first to know when everything goes live). This is a thrilling time for us here at 3191 … new adventures abound!