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3191 Miles Apart

3 November 14 • MAV


This weekend I proofed the last issue of 3191 Quarterly. It will head out to subscribers in about a week and be in our online shop on November 21st. In celebration of this last issue we are offering what is left of our 2014 printed issues for just $12. The set of three is $34. This is a limited offer so grab them while you can!


I love getting the proofs every time! It’s my chance to be picky about things like color and my last moment to read through everything before it goes on press. Of course, I wouldn’t catch any editing issues, that is SCB’s strength and thank goodness for it, but I just like to sit with it one last time before it becomes a magazine. Both in my “job” and for 3191, I have been looking at printers proofs for years. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the print process.


I have gotten your emails and want to THANK YOU for all of the emotion you have expressed around our ending the Quarterly. It was just time to move onto something new. We needed a new way to share our lives, creativity and inspirations with you. We will be able to tell you about that something new in early December. Stay tuned!


We will not be ending our collaboration. I want you to know that.


3191 is a part of SCB and of myself and we are not ready to stop working together yet … maybe ever! Maybe we will be wise old women and still be 3191 Miles Apart. I hope so.


For now, just know that we are here and have a fun rest of 2014 planned for you! … starting with this issue of 3191Q. This issue is very dear to our hearts. We hope you see and feel it too. xo

3 November 14 • SCB


If there was a month that I could put on slo-mo, it would be October.


It is my favorite time of year, but always, it seems, over in the blink of an eye.


I did, however, manage to put October on pause a bit and enjoy fall cooking. After the heat of summer, I love to fire up my oven again, and leave pots simmering all day on the stove top. There’s comfort in a steamy kitchen.


Between my farm share and trips to the market, my counters have overflowed with autumn produce this month—winter squash and root vegetables, apples and cranberries, dark, leafy greens.


I am revisiting many of my favorite recipes—many of which I have been making since my college years and many of which I have shared here or in 3191Q.


From our archives:

Sweet Potato Biscuits (probably our most popular recipe here at 3191)

Wholegrain Maple Nut Scones (I added some pumpkin to these last week)

Apple Galette (the cream cheese pastry is so easy!)

Three-P soup (pumpkin, sweet potato and peanut! I added fresh ginger, sriracha and lime, and it was the best yet!


From 3191Q (these are available as digital downloads):

Oatcakes from 3191Q Issue No. 9 (great in school lunches or serve with soup!)

Root Vegetable and Apple Hash from 3191Q Issue No. 2 (top with eggs or serve alongside roasted meat. I love the leftovers cold with greens in a salad.)

Split Pea Soup from 3191Q Issue No. 3 (the recipe has three variations to suit your own taste).


And there are even more seasonal favorites—citrusy cocktails, crepes, fruit leather—in this year’s 3191Q print issues. Now on sale for $12 each or $34 for the set!