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3191 Miles Apart

19 December 14 • MAV


Happy, happy holidays to you all, friends!

This is our last dispatch for 2014 and really, our last dispatch here on this particular version of our website. We can’t wait to show you our new project which will start on January 1st. Stephanie and I are making a new book!! And, the best part is that we are taking you along for the ride all throughout 2015. Tune in here on January 1st, please! (In the meantime you will see our site go down and change a bit so please be patient with us.)

Note: Our shop closes for good on Sunday, December 21st. Last chance for everything in the shop!

As usual, we will continue with our tradition of New Years Resolutions! I am keeping it very simple this year. I have such a good feeling about 2015.

1) Be calm. Save the freaking out for times when it’s really, truly necessary (which sometimes it is).

2) Be realistic. I have a bad habit of having very high (from time to time unreachable) expectations for myself and for others. It’s not always fair. Time to dial it back a bit. We are all human after all.

3) Be me. I will be turning 40 in 2015 and there is such a freedom in that. I like myself. I like my little quirks. I’m a good person with a lot of love to give. I will try to just offer my work and my friends what I have to offer and leave it at that.

And on the more practical side of things I would like to organize my prints and negatives (ha, yeah right) and do a few long-awaited projects around the house.

I can’t wait to see you in this space again in 2015. Cheers to you all! xo

19 December 14 • SCB


Happy Holidays!

This is our very last post at 3191 Miles Apart as we have all come to know it. We are starting a new chapter in our collaboration—actual chapters, really—we will be spending 2015 creating a book! We will be back in this space January 1st with a new look, a new focus and a new level of enthusiasm. Whether you have been with us since the beginning, or you are new to 3191, we think you will love what we have in store. You can also continue to find us over at Instagram, posting daily.

Please note, that with this change our shop will close on Sunday, December 21. This weekend is the last chance to purchase our 3191 Quarterly (both print issues and digital issues). They will not be available for purchase again!

And, for my resolutions!

1. Less screens, more paper. A return to books with pages and writing letters by hand.

2. Finish what I started. The book, of course, but a few other unfinished projects that have been stuck on a back burner, as well (my web site, my home…)

3. Ask for and accept help. Not my strong suit!

Have a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family! See you here in the new year!!