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3191 Miles Apart

14 December 14 • MAV


Hi, all! If you are reading this, you are a part of a very special time here at 3191. We are finishing our 8th year of collaborating and making a transition into something new.

The end of the year is always an important time here and this year it is even more so! Next week we will tell you about what is coming up for 2015 (we hope you will be as excited as we are) but this week we have to tell you that these are the last days for our dear shop, by3191. Our shop closes for good on the evening of December 21st. These are the last days for you to get anything in our shop be it Quarterlies, signed copies of A Year of Mornings or my last Beauty & Use pieces.

Do not miss these last days in our shop. There will be no exceptions. Once the shop is closed these items will be gone.


We opened our shop in 2012 on the premise – Buy well-made. Buy thoughtfully. Buy what you love. We are so grateful that over the last few years, you have indeed found things that you loved in our shop. Thank you.


Many of you have asked, “why are you closing your shop?” Well, for 2015 we want to focus on one project and make that project amazing every single day. We just needed to streamline. It’s as simple as that.


One of the saddest things about closing our shop is losing our creative assistant, Evan. All of those packages that have shipped out to you, those were shipped by Evan. All of your emails with questions and concerns, those are fielded by Evan. So many of our creative ideas came from feedback by Evan. She is a dynamo whom we have been honored to have worked next to over these last years. We are sure she is on to bigger and brighter things for 2015 and just want to take a moment to thank her for everything she has done for us in the last few years. We love you, Evan!


What you see in these photographs are the last pieces of my Beauty & Use Collections that are still available. I designed 13 seasons of this simple clothing collection and really loved bringing you these creations. I appreciated your feedback over the years and thank you for your longtime interest. These are the final pieces and they have all been marked down a bit!


We have one more dispatch coming your way next week and then we will be silent here until January 1st (and you will see some changes when you come to the site)! Please note: our archives will be down for the month of January so plan ahead if you regularly use our recipes and other notes. The archives will come back bigger and better but we just need time to work on them. We thank you in advance for your patience.

I hope your holiday season has been warm and bright thus far and continues along that route. I will be making my mom’s sugar cookies this weekend. Can’ wait! I thank you for your dedication to our shop, our Quarterlies and our collections in the last four years. It has been an honor. xo

14 December 14 • SCB


One of the (many) things that I love about my collaboration with MAV is that we are always looking for new ways to share our experiences. Since we began publishing 3191Q nearly five years ago, we have made subtle changes to the look and feel of the publication every year. This year, the focus was on letting the photography tell the story, and I have loved sharing the result with you.


Now, we are gearing up to make yet another change. We are closing our shop on December 21st and readying ourselves to start anew. What this means for you is that you have just one more week to get your hands on copies of 3191 Quarterly (digital or print). After the 21st, they will no longer be available. We still have print issues for year four (sold individually or as sets) as well as digital downloads of years one, two and three.


I am so, so sorry to see 3191 Quarterly go. It has been a true labor of love. I am tremendously proud of what we created. Our touch has been in every step of its creation and realization, and I hope that shows.


Happily, this ending is leading to an exciting new beginning, however! We have new things in store for you in 2015! We will be staying in this space (in fact, you can look forward to more posts from us) and continue to share daily photos on Instagram. As we get our new look and project ready, things will be quiet around here and our archives will be temporarily unavailable. Thanks for your patience!


We will be back next week with one more post before we sign off until January! Thanks so much for your support!