21 March 14 • MAV


A new year calls for a new way of doing things. I’m feeling pretty excited about this new year of my Beauty & Use clothing line, now in the shop!

My pieces will remain hand-cut and hand-sewn in small batches here in Maine but the small batches have gotten even smaller as I have decided to rededicate myself to creating clothing as unique as you are! That means keeping the numbers small and the super special fabrics changing. And just wait until you see some of the fabrics I have in store for you!


I am starting out the year with some of my own personal favorite fabrics and tones … grey and blue, washed linen and beautiful organic cotton. I remain true to the simple cuts I like to wear and have a few new or adjusted patterns in the mix.


I am still on a quest to create pieces that can be worn all year round and those that can be layered into your already fabulous wardrobe. I want these additions to your closet be seamless. I also want them to be pieces that only get better with wear. That is my pledge!


And the best news: I will have another Collection of new pieces coming out in just a matter of weeks! Mark your calendar for April 25th and follow us on Instagram to see sneak peeks soon.


The other fun new aspect of this years’ Beauty & Use Collections is that we plan to photograph them on film by the very best bestie: RTS. Our “models” will rotate and we started close to home with the most reluctant of models … me! Yikes!

NOTE – If you are wondering where I got these amazing baseball caps then you need to head straight over to LDBA Brooklyn. Sara carries these caps in her shop and I love them so!


Special thanks to all of those who purchase from Beauty & Use Eight. There are only 38 pieces in this special collection (the fabrics are seen above) and I am so grateful for your dedication and your support. xo!

21 March 14 • SCB


Happy Spring! I do love this transitional time of year. Oregon has a pretty spectacular spring (and spring-like temperatures and showers last well into July, so we really get to enjoy it, ha). Along with the transitioning and blooming of the natural world, I have been making subtle changes to my routine and wardrobe and diet. Feels good.





In celebration of the spring equinox, I wanted to share some moments from our archives to get you in the spirit.

:: I am going to roll up my sleeves and get to my spring cleaning this week (and for recipes for some of my favorite natural cleaners, download a PDF of 3191Q Issue No. 3).

:: The rhubarb in my garden is not quite ready yet, but I am going to seek it out at the market—maybe for a crisp or arugula salad with rhubarb dressing or rhubarb syrup for cocktails.

:: I am already bringing home bouquets of found flowers. If things are not blooming where you are yet, think about making the most of a grocery store bouquet. (Springtime sunprints are fun too).

:: Easter falls late in the season this year. Plenty of time to play with naturally-dyed eggs (shibori-style eggs and feather eggs work with natural or store bought dyes).

One last springtime note: thank you to everyone who so quickly snatched up bunnies from the shop. At the moment, there is still one waiting for a home!