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3191 Miles Apart | 2013 | February

16 February 13 • MAV

Tank No. 1

I started making the Beauty & Use Collection a year ago (see Collections I, II and III) because I wanted to share with other women some of the pieces that I had been dreaming up for myself. I wanted to create garments that I loved and therefore ones that others might enjoy as well. I didn’t want to change the world or make a big ripple … just wanted to do my thing and hope that people might respond.

Tank No. 2

In this, my fourth Collection (where does the time go?), I still stand proudly by that same simple intention. It still feels right to me.

Tank No. 3

For Beauty & Use IV (coming to the shop on 2/22/13), I have chosen very special silks for Tanks No. 1 and No. 2; these are silks I could only get 10 yards of! They are amazing, just amazing.  I coupled those with a more basic, and yet just as charming, cotton/hemp for Tank No. 3.

This is the kind of tank you might wear to bed, get up and throw a cardigan over, and find that you have been wearing it all day long. My tanks are meant to be “intimate” pieces but in a new sort of way. They are tanks you might wear exclusively in front of your sweetheart, or just when you want to feel a bit more sexy, or they can just as easily fit under a blazer or a hoodie or be worn alone tucked into your favorite shorts. But, mostly they are created to be comfortable and to fit naturally into your own personal style.

Smock No. 9

Smock No. 8

And then there are two new Smocks. My seamstress and I worked the pattern a bit more on these and we are very pleased with where things came out. I think these are my two favorite fabrics yet—a black/navy/tan woven from Nepal that wears in like a good pair of jeans, and a faded red plaid hemp/cotton that is so cheerful and washes to a softness akin to sheets.

Handkerchief No. 1

Last, there is a lush silk handkerchief in this Collection which I have a huge crush on. The color is intense when the fabric is layered and then when it is spread out it is light as air. This is my springtime “must have” and I plan to wear mine around my neck daily come mid-March.

: : :

The best part of every Collection is when I get to share it with you. I have appreciated your support of my past Collections more than I can say here and am grateful for the emails you have sent and the dedication of our wonderful by3191 customers. I hope you find something you love in this new offering but more than that, I thank you for supporting 3191 over the years so Stephanie and I can go on this adventure together. We’ll see you in the shop next Friday, 2/22/13, and you can join our mailing list to get a note when the shop is stocked.

16 February 13 • SCB

Hi there.

I have been making stuffed toys since my kids were babies. I started to make them for my own family because I couldn’t find the quality, natural, well-designed toys I desired, then I gave them as gifts, then eventually began selling them online and in galleries for a few years. I am returning a bit to my roots with this collection of one-of-a-kind soft bunnies.

Crafted of wool and cashmere and stuffed with 100% wool, the bunnies are free of synthetic materials. Their small size and simple shape make them easy for baby to hold and easy to fit in mom or dad’s bag or jacket pocket.

Each bunny features wool polka-dots needle-felted by hand. Their nubbly texture provides a nice sensory experience for baby.  The long ears (lined in Liberty lawn prints and cotton ginghams) are perfect for grasping as well.

Sewn inside each bunny is a solitary jingle bell for a subtle sound.

Each bunny is one-of-a-kind, and I have made a little warren of them from which to chose. I hope that you will find that they would make a special plaything or keepsake for a little one in your life (my big kids like these too!).

We will also be adding a new Found Collection to the shop. I have had so much fun finding things for you, only hard part is not keeping everything for myself!


We will be updating the shop on February 22nd (sign up on our mailing list to be the first to know). Along with each of our collections, you will find 3191 Quarterly Issue No. 10 in the shop next week. I am so excited to share this issue with you—subscribers may already have it in their hands. In order to make room, we are retiring Issue No. 8 from the shop on Monday, August 18th, don’t miss out on this fun issue, it’s a personal favorite of mine.