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3191 Miles Apart | 2012 | November

10 November 12 • MAV

What will you find in the new Quarterly, Issue No. 9? Well … you won’t find these images (they are outtakes) but you will find the following stories and more!

… up top …
An outtake from the Deep Summer gallery. This was taken at the very beginning of summer when there was so much promise. The sweetness of summer was still to come. I still remember this moment. I can smell the summer air.

… up top …
Taken, again, in the beginning of summer, this photograph was a contender for the Deep Summer Gallery but I went with one that is a bit different (you’ll see when you get your issues). You can see my oldest nephew, Miles, there making his own path. I remember thinking how brave he was/is. I yelled to him, “stay where I can see you” to which he replied, “you can see me here, see?” … and he was right.

… up top …
An outtake from one of my favorite recipes included in Q9. It’s Chocolate Almond Torte. Not a fancy “torte” per se but just a simple one, more like a cake really. I love this recipe because my guests seem to always love it. It’s a great one for the upcoming holidays!

… up top …
An outtake from a review of one of my favorite natural products to help make art with kids. I had so much fun working on this piece with Miles.

… up top …
An outtake from my road trip to The Berkshires. What a lovely trip that was. It was fun to be able to tell you the story of this trip and some other trips I took this summer in the issue.

So what will you find in Q9? You’ll find pieces of our every day, stories about our trips, lots and lots of photographs, our favorite recipes, inspirations and much more. Please do join us for this THIRD year of Quarterly by becoming one of our treasured subscribers. 3191 Quarterly remains ever still our sponsor-/ad-free, beautifully printed (in New England), full-of-love and simple inspiration, publication that we put our hearts and souls into. We thank you for your interest and support and thank you for welcoming us into your homes. (NOTE: Stephanie does a great job of laying out the perks of our subscription right here; don’t miss out … subscriptions end soon!)

10 November 12 • SCB

3191 Quarterly Issue No. 9 is shipping out to subscribers today, and we are thrilled to share it with you all. This year has brought some changes to 3191Q like a bigger and longer format, but the spirit of the content has remained the same. Today I wanted to share some outtakes, a few photos I love, but didn’t make it into the issue, as well as share what you’ll find inside Issue No. 9.

A hold-over from last year is our seasonal gallery of film photos. Printed on glossy paper, this time the gallery looks back at summer in all its lush, green glory.

A new series this year is Morning, Noon and Night—film photos that capture quiet moments from throughout our days. I love how this harkens back to our original mornings and evenings projects.

Our family has a favorite camping spot we have been returning to year after year, and I write about it and share film photos in Riverside. I am really happy to share this special place with you all.

You know I love a good project, and I have a great one for the holidays in Issue No. 9. These hand-knotted and dip-dyed bottle carriers are perfect for gift-giving and holiday parties. They are quite simple to make and have so many creative uses. I will share some of the ways I have been using mine here in the coming weeks.

You will also find recipes (I share oatcakes and a wilted kale salad), a tour of some of my favorite stops in my neighborhood, and more. The issue officially releases in the shop next Friday, November 16th, but you can still subscribe now and receive all four issues from our subscription year for the price of three (this is a limited time offer, so don’t delay). We are super excited about being able to offer bigger and longer issues at a lower price this year and hope you are happy too!

Thanks so much for your continued support! Next week, along with the official release of Issue No. 9, we will be releasing our individual collections of clothing and gifts and a new Found Collection of vintage housewares. Make sure you are on our mailing list to be alerted to when our shop opens as items often sell out quickly.