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3191 Miles Apart | 2012 | November

16 November 12 • MAV

I have so much to tell you about my new Collection … about SCB’s Collection (this is my favorite) … about the Found Collection (I am sad to see these go) and the new Q9 but for today I only have time to show you a few quick photographs of little old me!

I’m really proud of my fun little pieces in Beauty & Use III. They are basics that require participation from you. You have to mix in your own personal style to make them special. You’re the beauty and they are the use!

My pick for “favorite Smock” this time around is Smock No. 7 (or at least that’s how I’m feeling on this fine Friday). I’ve been layering my Smocks with tank tops or long-sleeved tops underneath. Here I went with a turtleneck and chunky necklace. I’ve been super cozy all day.

Above is how I’ve been wearing my Wovens No. 1 and No. 2. I worked alongside a wonderful artists group in Thailand to create these handwoven scarves (they did everything from grown the cotton to weave it) and am so happy with them. They are delicate but not precious. I’m really into the fact that they arrive stiff and loosen within a few wearings (the indigo takes a bit longer … like jeans); you have to break them in! And once you do … wow … they feel so good and natural. They are the kinds of pieces that will last forever and I plan to keep mine that long.

And lastly my Knits No. 1 and No. 2. I have to say I’ve been having a hard time taking these off. The cotton is amazing! One can see why organic is better in cases like these. I do double up my No. 1 but mostly wear it down around my neck long. It’s like a necklace! As for No. 2, it’s a nice size to help out as a hood so I have been tucking it into my coat as seen here.

Special thanks to RTS for help with the snaps!

: : :

We want to take a moment as well to THANK YOU for your constant support of and interest in our work. Sharing the 3191 creative vision means a lot to us. We do that through the goods in our shop, the pages in our Quarterlies and the notes we post online here and through Twitter, Instagram, etc. Without you there would be no sharing … we hope you know how much you are appreciated. And please, do share with us how you wear your MAV Collection or how your Found Collection find fits in with your other treasures. Email your photos to – photos(at)3191milesapart(dot)com. We love it when you share!

16 November 12 • SCB

Our collections went live early this morning, and our mailing list subscribers have been busy shopping! I have just one pine cone left in my collection. I am so happy to see them sent out all across the globe.

My collection was inspired by the natural beauty of Oregon’s forests. The color palette was inspired by this photo I shot last year on a favorite hike in the Columbia River Gorge. Thank you so much to everyone who visited the shop and shared it with others!

3191Q Issue No. 9 is now in the shop as well. Many of you subscribers have already received your issues. I do hope you are enjoying them!

I feel that our subscribers are a big part of our 3191 Team. We could not do it without you. We do not have any advertisers, sponsors or backers (except you!). Even as we bring on extra helpers, 3191Q is truly a labor of love for MAV and me, and we are so grateful for your interest and continued support. There are just a few weeks left to subscribe. If you think you are going to buy more than one issue this year, a subscription is really the way to go. You will receive all four issues for the price of three!

We are really excited for the year ahead. We have increased the size of the books, so that our photographs can be even larger, and we have increased the length of the books, so we can tell you more in-depth stories and take you on longer travels.

Every issue this year will have four recipes—two from each of us as, along with a few other recurring features like “our favorites”—recommendations for our tried and true places, products and inspirations.

And you will find a project in every issue. These are so much fun to do, and the best part is when we get to see what you’ve made. (Don’t forget to email a photo to photos {at} if you’ve made something from our books or blog!).

Thank you so much for your continued support! Do visit our collections to browse or buy. We are so happy to have you.