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3191 Miles Apart | 2012 | May

4 May 12 • MAV

One year ago this weekend we packed up our little apartment, closed down our storage unit and moved ourselves, our cats and our stuff into our home.

The year has gone by quickly. Too quickly, actually. But I want to take a moment to remember this first year.

Our home has been a place where I have cooked, peacefully, for myself, my friends and family. A place where I’ve made messes. A place where I have welcomed a new nephew while teaching his older brother how to make his first batch of waffles and chocolate chip cookies (with pink sprinkles!).

Our home has seen all sides of me … the good, the bad and the ugly. Our home has seen me dance, laugh and cry. Our home has seen me truly at rest.

Our home has kept us warm and chilled us to the bone. Our home has seen us come up with some of our best and worst ideas yet. Our home has watched us create, for ourselves and for others, morning, noon and night. Our home has helped us pause to see how lucky we are.

I hope I continue to remember as I move into the second year here in our special home.

All photographs were taken during the first few days in our home.

4 May 12 • SCB

May is a busy and exciting month at 3191 Miles Apart. 3191 Quarterly Issue No. 7 has already shipped to subscribers (here’s a peek at the cover) and will be available in our shop on May 18th. On the same date, we’ll be launching our expanded shop with individual collections designed by MAV and me, along with a collection of found items (we’ll fill you in on that collection later). To celebrate all this, I’ll be heading to Maine for a little 0 miles apart time with MAV. Can’t wait.

This week, I thought I would share a few of the inspirations behind the collection of goods, all handmade by me, that I’ll be offering in the shop.

I was rather taken with the blues, peaches and corals of the summer sky that MAV captured in this photo from 3191Q Issue No. 5. I couldn’t get that palette out of my head.

The woven and knotted ropes found dockside were inspiring as well as I worked with hand-dyed linen yarn.

Natural leather and brass fittings found their way into my work as well as I strove to work without creating waste, using all the little scraps and bits and pieces usually left behind.

I had fun exploring old forms in new materials.

I am excited to share everything with you in just a few weeks!

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