10 February 12 • SCB

Some of you lucky subscribers may have already received your copy of 3191 Quarterly, Issue No. 6. The issue will be available in our shop just a week from today, on February 17th. I enjoyed getting a peek at MAV’s outtakes from Issue No. 6 last week, and I thought I’d share a few of my own.

Up above: Earlier this winter, my family and I enjoyed a snowy walk (with a bit of sledding and snowball hurling thrown in for good measure). MAV and I both have winter walks to share in this issue.

I created this hanging planter project as a way to bring  spot of color and more greenery into my home. They are incredibly simple to make and require only a handful of supplies. I am excited to see some more of these made!

Our seasonal gallery of film images is back. Deep Autumn, 2011 celebrates my favorite season. This glossy insert is becoming my favorite part of Quarterly!

I came up with this recipe for a hearty soup of beef, kale, mushrooms and barley after visiting MAV last fall and trying one that was similar. I just had have it again, and I’m happy to be able to share it with you.

MAV and I paired up to share some of our favorite warm essentials (like wool blankets). For the most part, these are year-round favorites, trustworthy things and simple habits that have been part of our homes for years. My hope is that, for some of you, the Quarterly has become a trustworthy favorite as well. We are really thrilled to be able to put together this very personal publication and appreciate your support and interest so much. Thank you!



3 February 12 • MAV

As you read this we are preparing our studio for the delivery of 3191 Quarterly, Issue No. 6. Yes! It’s nearly here! We have cartons of issues coming on Monday and on Tuesday they ship out to you subscribers. (It will be available online on February 17th.)

We are so pleased and honored to bring you another issue. I thought I’d start us off with a few outtakes as usual.

Up top: I think in another life I was an elementary school art teacher. I am fascinated by kid-art. These friends of mine here in Portland have a beautiful little girl and she loves to draw with a pencil. She’s only 2 years-old and she holds the little pencil in her hand and draws her lines. It’s so interesting and inspiring to me! For Q6 I show you some of the artwork I’ve been doing with my nephews. I call it our first group art show and I’m quite proud of us!

I never could have guessed how much I would love the seasonal photograph sections of this years season of Quarterly. The image here is an outtake from Deep Autumn, 2011. One of our worries with Quarterly has always been how to give our readers something they can enjoy in the current season but not discount the season Stephanie and I are in while working on the issue. We are not like other big magazines who work months in advance and we like it that way. Our seasonal photo galleries give us a chance to celebrate each and every season no matter when the issue ends up in peoples hands. We love that!

I love this cake. And everyone I know loves this cake. I made one earlier this week for a friend’s birthday and she said it was the best yet! And now this recipe is going to be in your hands. This is my Chocolate Stout Cake. And oh yeah, that’s cream cheese frosting. Yes, yes, yes! I can’t wait to hear what you think of this recipe. Please be sure to let me know!

This is Stockholm. In Q6 I include a little photo diary of my travels to Stockholm and to London. It’s one of my favorite sections because I loved the trip so very much. And later in February I’ll include a few more photographs and notes that I couldn’t fit into Quarterly right here on 3191 Miles Apart. Stay tuned!

I guess I’m still showing love to Scotch … last week wasn’t enough! This photograph is an outtake from our At Home section of Q6. This is one of our only recurring sections in the publication and we have plans to change it up for every issue. We feel truly touched that you want to join us here every week and so it only seems to make good sense to show you bits of our homes as well. As ever it’s our way of saying Thank You for coming on this journey with us each week, each quarter, each year. We are grateful for you. We do hope you enjoy this new issue of 3191 Quarterly. Look for it in our shop on February 17th.

3 February 12 • SCB

This winter I noticed a really bad habit of mine re-emerging: not drinking enough water. I would find myself drinking coffee all day long, with only a sip or two of water here and there. I drink my coffee black, so this was not about craving sweet or creamy; it was about craving something hot (the caffeine is part of it too, but I don’t have this problem in the warmer months).

Of course, these winter days spent indoors in artificial heat fighting the various viruses my kids are bringing home, I need to stay hydrated. Enter infused hot water, it has really saved me! I have been adding citrus and herbs to boiling water and drinking several glasses a day. I cook with lemon juice often, so I just save the rind in a jar to add to my water later (this really appeals to my frugal, waste not/want not side). Because I am a huge grapefruit fan, a thin slice of ruby red is one of favorite additions to infusions. Fresh herbs are fantastic as well—I typically use rosemary, mint or thyme as those are the ones I have on hand for cooking.

When I sit down to work, I try to prep a big pitcher of hot infused water to keep by my side. (if I finish that off, I allow myself a cup of coffee, ha!) What I don’t finish can be put in the fridge and consumed cold later on.

Here’s to hydration and staying warm.