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3191 Miles Apart | 2011 | November

27 November 11 • MAV

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Many things have changed since the last time we hosted Thanksgiving in 2009 (my musings from the year are here: part one / part two) and many things have stayed the same.

Let’s start with some differences: we’re in a new flat (this one is truly ours) + we had 20 adults and 5 kids (the largest Thanksgiving to date for all of us) + I rented tables, chairs and wine glasses (I was insistent that everyone sit “together” and that the table be set and ready when the day began so renting left me with the least amount of bother) + we had a “kids table” (loved sitting at the kids table when I was little and I hope the little ones enjoyed having their own space this year) + there were no sweet potatoes to be found (I missed the pie for sure) + I got out for a long walk before it got dark (this must be a new tradition; it felt so good to get some fresh air).

Let’s move on to some traditions that stayed the same: I thrifted for plates and gave one, full of leftovers, to each guest (it was a little more competitive this year so I put out pen/paper so people could mark their chosen plate) + there were songs, readings and dances (we are a performing sort of group) + I got a whole slew of new white candles for the table (which I will use right on through the new year) + there was an outdoor fire (I was too busy doing dishes to make it outside but I heard it was nice) + the last guest left close to 1 a.m. (we were in bed by 2:30 a.m. after the final clean up) + we went through a lot of whiskey (um, no comment).

And most importantly, something that will never ever change, we spent the day, and well into the night, enjoying the company of dear family and friends. Does it get any better than Thanksgiving?

: : :

Today marks the opening of our holiday shop; it will remain open only through December 11, 2011 (which is also the very last day to subscribe to our Quarterly). In the shop you will find our new 3191 Miles Apart Grocery Tote along with options to purchase either a single issue of 3191 Quarterly or a Four-Book Subscription as a gift. If you do order a gift we will wrap it up and include a hand-written note for you. Our lovely creative assistant, Evan, is available for any special requests you might have. Just email her (orders{at} once you’ve placed your order and she will get right back to you. You could even send her your gift list and she’ll make sure everyone gets their subscriptions or Issue 5′s in good order!

Thanks for taking a look at our offerings and cheers to this wonderful holiday season!

27 November 11 • SCB

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I traveled to coastal northern California to meet up with the rest of my family to celebrate the holiday, and it’s so beautiful here. (Photo of me by my daughter).

We have been feasting (many cooks in one small kitchen).

Soaking up the late autumn sunshine.

Foraging and exploring with my brother (some of our adventures will be included in the next issue of 3191 Quarterly).

And just feeling grateful for family, friends and the amazing view.

: : :

We’re kicking off the season with our holiday shop. You’ll find special gift wrapping on subscriptions and single issues of 3191Q along with something new in which to tote it all around. Do check it out. Our subscriptions will only be offered until December 11th. If you think you’ll be wanting more than one issue (we have some great things planned for the year!), take advantage of the subscription before it’s gone.

Thank you so very much to everyone who visits here and shares in the 3191 Miles Apart experience. Cheers!