14 October 11 • SCB

I am feeling a little quiet after a busy week, so I thought I’d share some outtakes from 3191Q Issue 5. MAV and I both took photos around our houses and shared some thoughts on home in the feature At Home. After spending time in MAV’s home, I can assure you it is a very special place, and she captures the spirit well in the photos she shares. This time of year, when the weather brings us inside, I find myself more and more focused on my home and its comforts. As I have grown older, I have begun to care less and less about having decorated or polished interiors and more and more about having a comfortable space that reflects the spirit and interests of our family. I always love coming home.

Have a great week. I hope to have a fun autumn project to share with you next time.

7 October 11 • MAV

Stephanie: COME BACK!!!! I miss you. I miss your level-headedness, your smart-as-a-whip sense of humor and your totally amazing perk-me-up coffee. Please come back. Please?

One thing I don’t have to miss, Steph, is your granola because I’ve got it right here. Harumph! I love your granola.

You can see Stephanie’s recipe here but I’ll tell you what ingredients I went for in my version which we made earlier this week before Steph got on her plane.

SCB’s Granola (my choice ingredients)
6 cups rolled oats
2 cups mixed nuts and seeds (I went for pumpkin seeds, slivered almonds, sesame seeds, millet and sunflower seeds. I love me some seeds!)
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup brown rice syrup (I skipped the brown sugar and upped the brown rice syrup on SCB’s recommendation.)
1 teaspoon Kosher salt (Sweet and salty is my favorite combo.)

Use Stephanie’s instructions here for the rest.

Stephanie, I had such a great time while you were here. I love our first issue of 3191 Quarterly and I know our dear readers will love it too. Thank you for coming 3191 miles. I hope to see you very, very soon! xo MAV

: : :

One last thing: A big thanks to all who have ordered our new year of 3191 Quarterly both through subscriptions and single issues. We’re so excited!! And in other Q news Stephanie and I are very happy to welcome Evan (above with caterpillar) to the team as our new Creative Assistant. Evan is coordinating all 3191 Quarterly orders and questions. She’s a super star. Some of you may remember her from posts here on 3191 Miles Apart (here and here). If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact orders(at)3191milesapart.com and Evan will get back at ya. Evan, we don’t know how we did it all before you came on board. You’re the best. xo

7 October 11 • SCB

We are back to being 3191 miles apart, and, boy, do I miss MAV and beautiful Maine.

This was my longest visit to Maine yet, and it felt really good to fall into the rhythm of MAV’s everyday life. I was so happy to be there and to share in her world, to worry with her about her sick cat, to visit the restaurants and markets where everyone knows her by name, to eat at her table, to listen to her sing a duet with her nephew.

Our time spent 0 miles apart was very intimate and special, but, as in all that we do, we were documenting things along the way. We have a few stories to tell and many photos to share from our visit that you’ll find in the newest issue of 3191 Quarterly. I think it will make it a very memorable issue

Today is the very last day to pre-order a single 3191Q No. 5 at a discount. Visit our shop to subscribe or buy single issues. Thank you so much to everyone who has placed orders this week. Your support for and interest in what we do is incredibly humbling.