16 September 11 • SCB

I had a day this week where everything was coming up rosy.

Well, truth be told, I was stuck at home caring for my daughter who ended her first week of middle school with walking pneumonia, but I couldn’t help noticing all the rosy pink bits around me.

I think our hydrangeas are at their most beautiful as their color begins to fade.

I don’t have much color or pattern in my wardrobe, but I make an exception for my socks. (My husband and I call this being “a closet clown”.)

A kefir smoothie for the kid on antibiotics (how to make the mason jar to-go cup here, similar stainless steel straws here).

And an Interwoven Tern necklace in the beautiful shade of columbine.

9 September 11 • MAV

We are so excited today to announce our newest publication — Interwoven. It’s a book which includes two handmade projects as well as inspiring imagery all created by Stephanie and myself. This is a limited edition book available through Quince & Co. There are only 300 copies of this special book. We are very proud to share it with you.

Let me walk you through some of the imagery from the book.

Up top: An image from the Color Stories section of the book. I love that this book is more than just the projects themselves. We take you through our process. Our Color Stories are Fog, Sunlight and Seacoast. I bet you can guess where this image fit in.

Above: An image from Stephanie’s Sketchbook portion of the book. We did a lot of creative concepting for this book via email sending each other images back and forth. Braiding was something on both of our minds from the beginning. Such a gorgeous old fashioned styling.

Above: My images of The Puffin in work and on my neck! I am so in love with The Puffin. I made a few of mine shorter than Stephanie instructed so that I could layer them up like a scarf. I also loved putting in a few strands of different colors into The Puffin braids. So much fun and the yarn is so very soft and cozy!

Above: An image from Stephanie’s instructions for The Tern. Did I tell you there are two projects in this little book? One is called The Puffin and one is called The Tern. I found this necklace (and we made bracelets too) to be a bit more dressy. It’s so lovely. You’ll see. I’ll show you some of my bracelets in the coming weeks.

Above: One of Stephanie’s Puffin images. I just love this image. To me it’s exactly what our book is all about. Collaboration. Two creative teams coming together to create something wonderful. The yarn and the project sitting side by side.

Get your copy of Interwoven right here. You can also pick up one or two skeins of yarn so that you’re ready to go (note: my favorite Puffin is Clay and my favorite Tern is Driftwood). Enjoy, friends! Let us know what you make; we’d love to see {email: hello (at) 3191milesapart (dot) com}.

9 September 11 • SCB

I am really thrilled to finally share our newest book, Interwoven, with you today. It is a collaboration between 3191 Miles Apart and Quince & Co., and we had an amazing time creating it.

As soon as I got my hands on the Quince & Co. yarn, I knew I knew I wanted to create a non-knitting project, something that would introduce more folks to this beautiful yarn. I was particularly drawn to the plump, super soft Puffin wool and the drapey, lustrous silk/wool Tern. MAV and I spent a great deal of time just admiring and playing with the yarn, noticing textures and patterns in our surroundings, thinking up color stories and tossing items of inspiration back and forth before I developed the idea for the necklaces. Much of this inspiration is included in Interwoven; we hope it will inspire you to create your own color story with Quince & Co. yarn.

I ended up designing two styles of necklaces featuring my favorite yarns and utilizing a simple braiding and wrapping technique. You will find complete instructions for both The Tern and The Puffin necklaces in Interwoven. They are suited to even the novice crafter. If you can braid and tie a knot, you can make these necklaces. You will also find suggestions for how to customize the designs with beads and decoration or alter them to make bracelets or headbands.

To make one necklace you will need two skeins of either Puffin or Tern Quince & Co. yarn in complimentary colors. To make The Puffin, choose a main color of Puffin yarn and then a skein of either Tern or Puffin for the contrasting binding (Puffin creates a slightly more bulky binding, Tern is more refined). For The Tern, choose one main color of Tern yarn (this design can also be made with multiple colors of Tern) and one for the binding. Depending on the heft and size of your finished products, the skeins will be enough to make several necklaces. Make one for yourself and more for holiday gifts!

You can find Interwoven only at Quince & Co.. I hope you have just as much fun making necklaces as MAV and I did. Don’t forget to share with us what you create. Enjoy!

2 September 11 • MAV

When I started reading Stephanie’s blog, Little Birds, back in early 2005 I remember wishing that I could make things. She wrote about and showed us the most inspiring little projects and soft sculptures. I was enchanted! The dedicated skill of working with her hands seemed to come so naturally to Stephanie and I wanted to feel that myself.

This summer I had the chance to do just that. Stephanie designed a handmade yarn project (that I am crazy about) and Chloe, our assistant, and I put ourselves to work. We even got RTS, one of my creative partners, to help. It was really pretty funny to see him braiding but he sort of got into it as well!

We had everyone helping. We sort of got addicted!

And in the end …

… we had a whole lot of gorgeous pieces to wear in our own brand new Quince & Co. Interwoven collection.

: : :

Next week you can start making your own Quince & Co. Interwoven collection. I just know you’re going to love the project and the book. It’s perfect for the coming autumn season. I can’t show you more today but next week I will talk more about how this project came about with the lovely ladies at Quince & Co. Stay tuned!

2 September • SCB

I love to make things.

As my life has changed, my children have grown, and new opportunities have weaved in and out if my life, somehow the making, the tinkering and playing, has taken a back seat. So it was with great excitement when the folks at Quince & Co. put a pile of the softest, most lovely yarn in my hands and gave me the opportunity to make again.

For weeks, I knotted and wove and twisted and tied, looking for something I could share with MAV and, eventually, you. I think I found just the right thing. You’ll find it in our Interwoven collaboration, ready for release next week.

More than just a how-to, Interwoven is a true collaboration between MAV and me. We share all the things that brought this project together—a love of craft, but also a love of home, color, comfort and the natural world.

I am really excited to be able to share this whole project with you and get this Quince & Co. yarn into your hands. You are going to love it. I hope you’ll make something.