30 September 11 • MAV

Look who is in my kitchen this morning?!!?

3191 miles … nah. How about 0 miles. Hip hip!

Stephanie came out to my Portland for our big launch weekend. Yes! The time has come. We are so happy to bring to you the re-release of our beloved 3191 Quarterly. Let me walk you through just a few of our features. Let’s go!

Above: A corner of Stephanie’s house from our piece entitled: At Home.
We both photographed our houses for this first issue of our 2011/2012 season of Q. I only moved into my flat in early May so it is a real pleasure to share with you some of the first photographs I have taken in my space. I love the quiet moments in Stephanie’s images and how you can almost see the action that is usually in her spaces. It is like someone pressed the “pause” button.

Above: A stunning rose from my piece entitled: I Dream of Roses.
Those of you who have read this blog for some time may know how much roses mean to me. I even have a rose tattoo on my foot. In this first issue I’ll share with you a collection of my favorite rose photographs, all shot on film, from the last several months. These images won’t be seen anywhere else!

Above: A little snack from Stephanie’s piece entitled: Pickling With Melissa.
I LOVE pickles. Stephanie shares a pickling method and a wonderful collection of photographs from an afternoon of pickling with one of her friends. I think “more pickling” is going to be one of my new years resolutions so I am eager to dogear this piece and reference it quite a bit in 2012.

Above: A sunset photograph of mine from a special surprise section.
Can’t tell you about this section (what fun would life be without surprises?) but what I can tell you is that this photograph is part of a new section that will be in each of the four issues in the 2011/2012 season of Q.

Above: Stephanie’s leather/wool pine cone from a piece entitled: Indigo Forest.
I am lucky enough to now have this pine cone in my home! Stephanie created a small collection which she photographed for this first issue of Q. It’s amazing! Leather, friends. I sort of gasped when I first saw these photographs. So inspiring!

: : :

Other pieces in 3191 Quarterly: Issue No. 5 include Autumn Essentials + Blackberry Picking + San Juan Islands + My Days in Cushing, Maine + A Cat Life + 0 Miles Apart: A Gathering in Maine and more. The issues in the 2011/2012 season are twice the page count of last years Quarterlies. We just needed more space! And wait until you see how gorgeous the printed images are this time around … I could go on and on. I’ll stop here and let you know that you can subscribe or pre-order a single copy of Issue No. 5 right here. Both of the offers on our shop page are limited so if you love 3191 Quarterly now is the time to sign up!

And now is the time for me to go back to hanging out with my friend. There’s so much left to do before Stephanie gets back on a plane on Monday. I hope these hours go by as slowly as possible. This truly is a time to celebrate.

30 September 11 • SCB

Welcome to a very special 0 Miles Apart edition of our blog!

I have traveled to Maine to spend time with MAV and work on our new issue of 3191 Quarterly, and we are having a blast. Over the years, we have cultivated a great working relationship over phone and email, but nothing compares to bouncing ideas back and forth in real time across a table from each other (with some breaks for sweet treats, cat petting and wine). I have loved getting greater insight into all the work that MAV and More & Co. put into our publications and am so excited for the year ahead. We hope that you will be excited too.

(Had to take my coffee over to that blue table this morning and sit for a second).

We have had many long chats about what we love about 3191Q and the ways that we could make it an even better experience. It will continue to be a very intimate look at our lives, our communities, our travels, and our dinner tables, but issues will be longer, of better print quality and with added design features we think you’ll love.

The 2011-2012 season of 3191 Quarterly will feature:

  • Four issues of all original content exclusive to 3191 Quarterly and not found on our blog or elsewhere.
  • The same great storytelling, photos, recipes, projects and style, but with double the page count of last year’s 3191Q.
  • Issues will be offset printed for beautiful photo quality and perfect bound for shelf display.
  • Every issue will feature a special surprise commemorative section.

We have a few limited time offers that we want to share with you today:

  • Subscribe to the 2011-2012 season and receive four issues for the price of three along with discounted shipping. Subscribers receive their issues a week before general release. Subscriptions are only available for a limited time only, so act quickly. If you think you will be buying more than one issue, this is a great deal.
  • Re-subscribers will receive a special gift with their first issue.
  • Pre-order a single Issue No. 5 through October 7th and receive a $2 discount.


We are off on a few more Maine adventures! I’ll have more to share with you next week.

23 September 11 • MAV

Letting go of summer is always hard for me. Actually, letting go of anything is hard for me. I can be very nostalgic. I have been known to sit and stare off into space for hours thinking of “those good old college days” or “that one moment at 24 when I felt completely free and easy.” I am a sappy soul. So when I looked at the calendar and realized that it was indeed turning into autumn this week I felt like it might be nice to take a trip down memory lane. Bear with me?

Above: I remember this as the first bottle of summer rosé in late June. I think I have told you before that I was introduced to rosé by some dear french friends back when I was nearly 21. I only drink it in the summer. I like having little rules like that. It makes each season have its own special sparkle. I will miss you rosé … until we meet again next summer … xo!

Above: I remember this as the first swim of the season. I loved sitting in the backseat, windows open, driving through the tall trees on the way to our favorite pond. There is such anticipation for that first dip … for that first moment when you dive under … for the first time you come up from being under and see the sun glistening on the water. I will miss you swimming hole … until next summer when we meet again … xo!

Above: I remember this as one of the first times we really hung out on our porch. Long evenings with friends and family, painted toes and chalk everywhere (and I do mean everywhere). Now the chalk marks are washed away and we will soon be putting away our porch furniture to prepare for winter. I will miss you dear little porch … until next summer when we meet again … xo!

Above: I remember this as the first ripe Maine peach. Oh goodness did I overdo it on fruit this summer. Come on! Just look at this gorgeousness. How could I not just keep eating fruit all day long?! I love you, I love you, I love you. I will miss you dear Maine ripe fruit … until next summer when we meet again … xo!

Above: I remember this as a mid-August dinner outdoors. The bugs were biting but we used our deet spray (sometimes you just have to do it) and enjoyed a bottle of real champagne. Then there were two more bottles of wine and fruit with farm fresh cream for dessert. Beyond all of the food and great company I loved how the evening light came in so calmly and slowly and by the end we were sitting outside in the dark among the twinkling lights and torches with the sounds of summer buzzing in our ears. I will miss you dear, dear summer … until next year when we meet again … xo!

To see more of my summer please visit This Summer, a joint blog project curated by our summer assistant, Chloe. This Summer came to an end on Labor Day.

23 September 11 • SCB

I love fresh cooked meals, and I love to improvise with ingredients I have on hand, but I don’t always have time for chopping and fussing. Or rather, most nights I am feeling too lazy for much chopping or fussing. I’d rather throw a bunch of stuff in a pan and go sit down with a glass of wine. Enter frozen mirepoix.

Mirepoix is the holy trinity of French cooking—celery, carrot and onion—used to flavor stocks, sauces or soups. I wanted to share a mirepoix short cut with you. I cook it up in large batches and freeze it in ice cube trays. Just plop a few cubes in a pan to defrost and you have a head start on your meal.

Making mirepoix is simple. It is one part carrots, one part celery and two parts onions or leeks (or a combination of the two). If you are going to freeze mirepoix, it makes sense to make a big batch. A bunch of carrots, a head of celery, and a few fat leeks went into the batch I made.

Rinse or scrub your vegetables clean, trim, and dice small. If you have a food processor, use it. You want the veggies to be relatively small and uniform in size. Place the vegetables in a large pan with some olive oil (traditionally mirepoix is made with butter). Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are soft, about 30 minutes.

Once cooled, press mixture into ice cube trays and place in the freezer. Once frozen, pop out of the trays and place mirepoix cubes in a glass jar or freezer bag. Store in freezer. To use, defrost in cooking pan, adding broth or wine to speed the process.

Quick-meal uses for mirepoix:

Risotto: saute rice in the mirepoix before you begin to add the broth.

Soups: throw mirepoix cubes in with broth, seasoning and split peas or lentils. Or simmer mirepoix and broth with potatoes, celeriac, or parsnip, then puree with cream.

Frittata: warm mirepoix in a cast iron skillet, add greens or leftover roast vegetables, cover vegetables with eggs, allow to begin to set on the stove, sprinkle with cheese and finish off under the broiler.

Grains: heat grains and mirepoix together and then simmer in broth for pilafs.

Pasta: Heat canned or frozen white beans and fresh greens with the mirepoix, toss with pasta and a squeeze of lemon.

Hash: Toss defrosted mirepoix with diced potatoes and other root vegetables, adding a touch more olive oil if necessary. Roast in the oven until browned and serve topped with an egg.


16 September 11 • MAV

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week thinking about connection (for a work-related project).

I’ve been thinking about how we all have our own busy lives and our own full schedules.

About how we, each of us, have an orbit of support in our families and friends; we have people we can call on when we are in need.

I’ve been thinking about how complicated life can be.

And how simple.

I’ve been wondering what every single person has in common…

I think I found it.

My summer sky film photographs were taken from late June through mid-August here in Maine.